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How to... 🥕 carrot?!

NEW to the @PavoniUK website, enjoy a video tutorial from @francoaliberti on how to use the Gourmand Carrot Mould - and then scroll down to be inspired by his recipe!

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True to form, Pavoni brings you light and organic shapes, perfect for adding a unique flash of creativity to your presentation. Detailed textures and outstanding details!

Our fruit & veg inspired moulds can be used for main courses, appetizers and desserts.

Open to a wealth of interpretations, ready for you to experiment with both hot and cold dishes.

The spec: Silicone mould 300x175 mm Indent: max 105,5x21x16 h mm Indent volume: ~ 15 Number of indents: 15

Check out the recipe from @francoaliberti below...


Kefir cheese

Mix the granules with the milk, making sure the milk is not too cold.

Put in a closed glass container and leave in a dark place for at least 12 hours.

When the milk begins to thicken, filter it with the help of a large mesh strainer.

Keep the milk with the granules in the refrigerator.

Drain the rest with the help of a fabric, suspended from the bottom so that it doesn’t touch the serum that will drain.

Use the creamy part that remains in the fabric.

Fill the GG046 Carrot mould, leaving empty the area corresponding to the green tuft, that will be later filled with the pea cream.


Pea puree

Blanch the peas in slightly acidulated water for two minutes.

Cool quickly in water and ice.

Peel part of the peas and refrigerate.

Blend the remaining part with the rest of the ingredients, add xanthan only at the end, leaving it to rehydrate for 15 minutes and then sift.

Use the preparation to complete the GG046 Carrot mould (tuft).

Freeze part of the preparation that will be used as a slush.

Carrot and turmeric frosting

Extract the juice from the carrots with the extractor.

Mix the jelly and turmeric in a saucepan and bring to the boil.


Glaze the frozen carrots with the help of a needle, leaving the green tuft out.

Let it defrost individually in a small container with a few drops of oil to prevent sticking.

Ready to get going? Pavoni Gourmand Carrot, GG046. Add to your cart here.


Check out the rest of our silicon moulds at or give the @PavoniUK team a call to find out more: 01884 849274.

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