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Below you'll find our entire range of Pavoni moulds and other equipment.
To quickly find what suits you most, use the menu bar just above.
Alternatively, read more about our categories below and click through from there! 

Primary Moulds - Typically made from high performing silicone, these moulds are designed to create a 'centre-piece' or the main (primary) shape for your creation. Leave them to stand alone or decorate using our finer moulds.

Fine Decorative Moulds - Enabling you to easily create more delicate shapes for decorative touches.

Fruit & Veg Shaped Moulds - Perfect for canapes or petit fours, or use to accessorise your creation.

Chocolate - Polycarbonate moulds for making pralines and other chocolate delights.

Equipment - Includes stainless steel cake bands, baking mats, guitar sheets and more.

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