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The Pavoni collection is features innovative ideas and products with a unique design, created in collaboration with the best professionals in the sector. A 40 year research project to achieve perfection, with tools designed and produced to transform every preparation into a work of art.


Highest quality materials, a department dedicated to research and development and continuous innovation into form and solutions - all this inspires our production, before arriving in the hands of #teamforest.

exclusively ours - and yours

Founded in 1980 as plastic containers producer for the bakery world, today Pavoni Italia is known for its dedication to professionals and their appreciation for the difference between simple work tools and objects of excellence, capable of inspiring the creativity of all Chefs.


With a natural affinity to the standards and values of Forest Produce and their followers, Pavoni Italia sought out an exclusive trading partnership with Tony Quick and his team to enable UK distribution.


Enhanced by the professional experience, creativity and likeability of #teamforest, as well as their supply of the finest ingredients and kitchen essentials, every Chef is now free to break all limitations and fly high.

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